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Healthcare Information...Quick & Concise


That’s what PhydBack does!  

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For nearly 35 years, PhydBack has provided physicians with healthcare product and service information via direct mail or email. Each time a physician participates by responding to a few questions, a donation is made to charity. 

55% of physicians (n=681) spend

2 minutes or less participating!*

*Data on file. 


PhydBack reviews healthcare product and service information 

PhydBack synthesizes that information and disseminates it to physicians


PhydBack presents information using questions that highlight the key points


PhydBack shares responses to those questions with physicians

Why Participate?


Physicians receive new and/or additional information about healthcare products and services in a concise format.


Physicians review this information quickly, whenever and wherever they like.


Physicians gain insights, based upon how their colleagues have responded. 


Physicians help a charity because PhydBack makes a donation after each program…and $108,000 has been donated already!

Here's How to Subscribe...It's FREE!


If you are a physician, simply provide your name, National Provider Identifier Number (NPI#) for verification, and email address. Also, let us know how you would like to receive PhydBack.

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Here's How to Subscribe...It's FREE!

Here's How to Subscribe...It's FREE!

How would you prefer to receive future PhydBack Programs?

We look forward to your participation!

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